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Why design your own motion graphics videos with Rocket Media?


Do you want to double your sales with the help of Video content! Now you can achieve that and more with the help of Motion Graphic Videos!

Whether you want to increase awareness of your brand or get more customers and sales or more downloads for your app, Motion Graphics videos are the best solution, here are 8 reasons why Motion Graphics videos are a necessary component in your marketing plan:

  • The chance of your customers interacting with Motion Graphics video content is 10 times greater than other types of content, and this gives you greater engagement to achieve your various commercial goals.
  • Your chance to show on top of search engine results is 53 times greater if you use Video Motion Graphics on your home page because it plays a great role in improving your SEO, which gives you a greater chance to conquer search engine game..
  • Adding a video on the homepage of your site that can increase conversion from customers interested in your product by 80%
  • You can multiply the CTR numbers of your email campaigns from 2 to 3 times using the video content.
  •   80% of Internet users will remember watching your promotional video during the last 30 days, so you should consider using promotional videos in your campaigns.
  •    Although video production is not the easiest option in the digital marketing industry, it achieves a higher ROI than any other content format, By 83%, according to statistics.
  •   57% of customers feel more confident when dealing with your brand if you use high-quality videos.
  •   98% of users said they watched Explainer videos to learn more about different services and products before purchase.

Why do you develop your marketing plan with Rocket Media?

The marketing plan is one of the most important factors for the success of different companies and institutions. It helps the company to grow, prosper, and compete in the market. We at Rocket Media offer integrated marketing solutions because we do not only develop a marketing plan, but we implement it through our team or in cooperation with your team. Our team combines academic expertise and operational experience in all aspects of marketing to ensure that your marketing goals are achieved in alignment with your business goals.


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